понеділок, 11 жовтня 2010 р.


Моє ім'я Ірина Лисюк.
Я створюю дизайн-проекти інтер'єрів.
Мета цього блогу - познайомити вас з моєю творчістю.

5 коментарів:

  1. доброго дня!у вас гарні роботи, я маю плани ремонтувати квартиру і хотів би дізнатись скільки коштує метр квадратний дизайну?

  2. irene,
    i just found your site now ... i havent ever seen such luxury, perfect color combinations, stunning, impressive, addicting type of design style as yours; ever...until now. i couldnt be more in love! i am SO INSPIRED BY YOUR WORK--pls post post post and share your inspirational spaces with us! you truly are an incredible talent to be envied! you have much in design to share with others in your industry. many thanks for your shares so far and i look forward to many more--in magazines featured with the rich and famous. you are an inspiring talent! Sincerely, Jeanine H Ontario, CANADA! ;)

  3. Dear Jeanine! I am extremely pleased to read such wonderful comments! My work is very unpretentious. But if someone likes what I'm doing, so I'm designing for good reason. Thank you very much! Sorry for my English :)